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By visiting and using the information at this website you agree to the following

1.Uniqueness of the website

This website is the sole property registered websites of GEMOPIA, it is protected by the relevant laws and regulations.


2.Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights pursuant to the contents of this website: website structure, graphic design, words and pictures is the exclusive property of GEMOPIA, is under Protection of China and international copyright laws. Part of this website is provided by third-party, the copyright belongs to the corresponding content provider, GEMOPIA owns the legal right to use. If there is any reproduction, distribution, public communication and modification, whether in part or in full, for profit or non-profit purposes is strictly prohibited without prior express authorization from GEMOPIA.

3.Terms of use

Users are not entitled to post product pictures on this Site, without the prior written permission of GEMOPIA. Any unauthorized use of the images on this website may violate international law, copyright law, privacy law, communications, telecommunications and other laws and regulations.The information contained on the Website is the property of GEMOPIA and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, unless for your personal, non-commercial use. Whether expressed or not, all these information are subject to legal protection of copyright law .In all other cases, you must obtain the written consent of GEMOPIA prior to reproducing any contents of the Site. Users may not distribute, transmit, reproduce or publish by electronic or any other means for commercial use.


There are 2 languages of this website: Chinese and English. The 2 languages has the same legal effect, when the two textual represents inconsistence, the English version shall have prevail effect.



5. Rights of accountability

Any individual or party violates the declaration, the Company reserves the right for legal action.